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Drafting of claims and pleas

Our lawyers prepare claims, pleas, and petitions for courts and arbitrations on solving legal matters of clients and disputes between the parties, including submitting pleas in administrative courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

Defense in criminal proceedings

Clients can rely on their defense in criminal proceedings by receiving adequate and appropriate legal representation from our attorneys. With our experience in criminal law victims are able to receive legal assistance at any stage of a criminal proceeding.

Representation in the court and arbitration

We represent clients in property, inheritance, matrimonial, administrative and contractual disputes at all courts and arbitrations, including but not limited to administrative and Constitutional courts. We support our clients by developing an individual for the most beneficial litigation strategy in court proceedings. Our law office along with bailiffs can provide legal assistance with the enforcement of court orders, including the enforcement of awards abroad.

Resolution of matrimonial issues

Acting as divorce attorneys, our lawyers are able to solve matrimonial matters, including but not limited to drafting and registration of prenuptial agreements, dealing with affiliation issues and property matters of spouses.

Legal representation at state and municipal offices

We represent the interests of our clients at state and municipal offices by preparing claims, pleas, petitions, appealing to decisions, and requesting to overrule passed decisions of the state and municipal offices when and where applicable.

Dealings with transactions

We provide legal assistance with transactions starting from the initial phases of negotiations to finalization of the deal and the control of its performance. Our legal expertise includes the assessment, preparation, and reconciliation of all relevant documents between the parties. If necessary, registration of titles is also available.

Transactions related to capital shares and equity capital

We provide full legal service in transactions related to selling and buying of companies as from legal due diligence to drafting or relevant legal documentation and supervision of its performance. Representation of shareholders’ and stockholders’ interests is furnished upon commission. We provide drafting of documentation in relation to changes in equity capital (increase and decrease of equity capital) and incorporation documents, if necessary also ensuring registration of the respective changes.

Contract drafting, revision and amending

We provide drafting of contracts and conducting of negotiations between transaction parties. Legal opinion can be given on already drafted contracts. Upon commission the office participates in meetings held for arrangement of deals.

Legal advice on procurement law related issues

We provide legal advice on public procurement law related issues. The furnished legal aid comprises drafting of procurement documentation and procurement contracts, consultations on tender preparation and execution, disputing procurement tender inter alia disputing decisions of the commissioning party. Upon request the office represents the client both in Public Procurement Office and court.

Legal advice on employment law related issues

We provide legal advice on employment law related issues inter alia on issues of establishing, amending and terminating employment legal relationships and as well as on resolution of employment disputes. Representation of the clients in employment legal disputes is ensured upon commission.

Reorganization of companies

We provide drafting of relevant documents for any type of reorganization and conduct respective processes.

Establishment of companies

We provide drafting of documents of incorporation and ensure registration of companies. Legal advice on establishing managing structures and on issues of distribution of representation powers is furnished. We also service on law matters related to companies’ institutions of management and supervision.


Taking into account the development of Latvian economy in last two decades and emerging industrial and trade relations with other countries, our office is able to provide solutions, which quickly and effectively assist the business environment to achieve the required results. With our partners from EUROPEAN LAW FIRM we are able to act as full service business law firm for foreign entrepreneurs in Latvia, as well as ensure faultless legal services in 27 European countries with the help of more than 950 experienced lawyers in over 20 languages. EUROPEAN LAW FIRM was established in 1989 and it is the first legal network to register in Brussels as an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG).

A network of law firms, providing cross-border legal advice

European Law Firm is a network of independent commercially orientated law firms offering clear, cross-border legal expertise in Europe and beyond.

Over 800 locally qualified lawyers with international connections advise on Banking, Commercial Litigation & Arbitration, Company, Construction, Corporate Finance & M&A, Debt Collection, Employment, EU & Competition, Family & Private Business, Insolvency & Turnaround, Maritime & International trade, Real Estate, Sports, Tax & Trusts and IP, Technology & Media issues.

Contact any of the law firms directly or the network’s central office for advice or more information.