Public procurement dispute

The ruling of the Senate of the Supreme Court has entered into force in a complex public procurement dispute, in which our colleagues, sworn lawyers Pēteris Serģis and Juris Balodis-Bolužs successfully represented the state limited liability company “Latvijas Valsts ceļi” in a dispute with JSC BMGS regarding the negotiation procedure between “Latvijas Valsts ceļi” ” and AS “Latvenergo” as the customer on the one hand and the executor (in which AS “LNK Industries” and SIA “LT BETONS” have merged) on the other hand, invalidating the concluded agreement. The reconstruction works of the Riga HPP drainage system were amended with the controversial agreement. During the legal proceedings, a number of complicated legal application issues were resolved, for example, whether in the public procurement process, applying the negotiation procedure without contract notification, it is permissible to make significant amendments to the procurement contract if the customer needs additional construction works that were not initially included in the contract or construction project, but which due to unforeseen circumstances, have become necessary for the performance of the previously concluded contract.


Acquittal in a landmark case

On January 14, 2022, the Senate rejected the cassation protest of Chief Prosecutor M. Lejas and upheld the judgment of the Riga District Court of October 19, 2021, by which A. Meļko, who was defended by V. Klotiņš, was accused according to Sect...


Echoo Group acquires shares in BISS

KLOTIŅI // SERĢIS office has successfully been a part of a notable transaction in the information technology sector, providing legal assistance. Within the framework of the transaction, the electrical network and building management system engin...


The Best of “Summertime – invites Inese Galante” 2022

We are happy to announce that our law office has been chosen to assist with legal aid to international and classical music festival  The Best of “Summertime – invites Inese Galante” 2022 organizators and partners. The festival will e...


Rimi Riga marathon

We are very happy, tha the Rimi Riga Marathon took place again, and this year, as well as for several years, KLOTIŅI // SERĢIS supported it by offering legal assistance to the event organizers. The Rimi Riga Marathon, formerly known as th...


“The Chat Chamber”

“Klotiņi & Serģis” managing partner and Attorney at Law Ivo Klotiņš quite recently has been a guest at Riga Graduate School of Law podcast “The Chat Chamber” episode. Ivo’s long experience in the legal field, managing the off...


“Academic Speed Dating”

Our colleague, associate Kalvis Logins was recently invited to and participated in an online event “Academic Speed Dating” organized by Riga Graduate School of Law. The aim of the event was to introduce first and second year students with pote...