Presentation of managing partner Ivo Klotins on arbitration courts in monthly editorial board of the magazine “Kapitāls”

At the monthly editorial board of the magazine “Kapitāls” on November 5, a member of the council and an arbitrator of the Arbitration Court of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  , KLOTINI SERGIS managing partner Ivo Klotins gave the presentation “Arbitration – when it is the best solution”, providing a general overview about arbitration courts in the world and their historical development cycle in Latvia.


Around the globe, arbitration is becoming an increasingly popular method of dispute resolution, and national legislation is being modernized to ensure the quality and credibility of this kind of dispute resolution. KLOTINI SERGIS believes that this topic must be continuously discussed in Latvia and awareness of the society must be raised, therefore our office is very glad for the opportunity to introduce to arbitration the editorial board, which comprises various professionals across Latvia.



KLOTINI SERGIS welcomes the European Law Firm colleagues in Riga for the general meeting

On 26-28 September the members of European Law Firm gathered in Riga for the third general meeting of 2018 hosted by KLOTINI SERGIS . The various events of the general meeting brought together not only our colleagues fro...


Kaspars Gorkšs elected as the President of the Latvian Football Federation

On 27 April 2018 the Congress of the Latvian Football Federation elected Kaspars Gorkšs (former FC Blackpool, FC Queens Park Rangers and FC Reading) as the President of the Latvian Football Federation. The Latvian Football Federation is th...


European Law Firm general meeting of 2018

The very European city of Luxembourg was the venue for the second European Law Firm general meeting of 2018. Lawyers met to discuss European Law Firm matters and voted in favour of adding new office in Vilnius, Lithuania. The meeting...


KLOTINI SERGIS provides the main prize in Riga Moot 2018

On 24-25 May, the international competition Riga Moot 2018 took place at Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL), bringing together teams from six countries – Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. As always, the main priz...


KLOTINI SERGIS advises Lattelecom Riga Marathon 2018 on GDPR matters

Already for several years KLOTINI SERGIS has been supporting Lattelecom Riga Marathon and providing legal services to organizers of the event. Apart from other legal matters, this year’s main focus was on ensuring the compliance ...


Attorneys of KLOTINI SERGIS represent the state joint stock company “Latvian State Roads” in court and achieve a fair result

KLOTINI SERGIS successfully represented the state joint stock company “Latvian State Roads” in a legal dispute with one of the biggest road construction companies in the Baltics which ended this February. A...