KLOTINI SERGIS managing partner Ivo Klotins in an interview to Daily Business on reforms of the administrative offences

On 15 November 2016. KLOTINI SERGIS managing partner, an arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a board member of European Law Firm (E.L.F.) Ivo Klotins in an interview to business daily Dienas Bizness (Daily Business) explained why it is necessary to proceed with reforms of administrative offences in Latvia. Contribution to the article was made not only by European Law Firm (E.L.F.) Riga office (KLOTINI SERGIS), but also by European Law Firm (E.L.F.) offices from Malta, Spain and Denmark.

“[..] Until transformation of enforcement authorities’ (municipal police and other authorities) understanding towards the nature of the punishment will occur [..], nothing will be changed” [..],” says Ivo Klotins.