Establishment of companies

We provide drafting of documents of incorporation and ensure registration of companies. Legal advice on establishing managing structures and on issues of distribution of representation powers is furnished. We also service on law matters related to companies’ institutions of management and supervision.


Contract drafting and revision

We provide drafting of contracts and conducting of negotiations between transaction parties. Legal opinion can be given on already drafted contracts. Upon commission the office participates in meetings held for arrangement of deals.


International solutions

as a new service for our clients open up wide legal assistance opportunities abroad. Cooperating with reputable law offices outside Latvia our partners from European Law Firm can provide professional legal advice in their home countries for client...


Reorganization of companies

We provide drafting of relevant documents for any type of reorganization and conduct respective processes.


Drafting of claims and pleas

Our lawyers are preparing claims, pleas and petitions for courts and arbitrations on solving legal matters of clients and disputes between the parties, including and not limited to pleas for administrative courts and European Court of Human Rights...


Defense in criminal proceedings

Clients can rely on their defense in criminal proceedings by receiving adequate and appropriate legal representation from our attorneys. With our experience in criminal law victims are able to receive legal assistance at any stage of a criminal pr...


Konsultācijas darba tiesībās

Sniedzam konsultācijas darba tiesisko attiecību un darba strīdu jautājumos, tai skaitā jautājumos par darba tiesisko attiecību nodibināšanu, grozīšanu vai izbeigšanu, veicam klientu pārstāvību darba strīdos tiesā un ārpustiesas k...