Covid-19, what is important

Our office keeps up with all the latest news in the country at this difficult time. We offer you to look at the information that matters most from a legal point of view.

For companies suffering from the covid-19 crisis, there will be – downtime compensation to their employees and an extension of the tax payment deadline.

For entrepreneurship and employees in all sectors – faster refund of VAT overpayment upon submission of the declaration, extended deadlines for submitting annual reports, and payers of PIT may no longer make advance payments from 1 January 2020 with a possibility to recover the already made payments.

Additional support tools – possibility to agree with the credit institution on changes in the payment schedule, a credit guarantee on existing liabilities deferred by up to two years, with a maximum guarantee of up to 10 years. Soft loans and interest rate loans to finance new working capital up to EUR 1 million.


Work organization during an emergency situation

In the light of the statement by the World Health Organization of 11 March 2020 that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been confirmed as pandemic and based on the state of emergency declared in Latvia by the Cabinet of Ministers until 14 Apr...


2nd place in 2019 for client referral index

At the end of January was this year’s first European Law Firm meeting, that was held in Greece capital city Athens, this meeting was organized by KSP Consulting.


Annual JUREX conference dedicated to business disputes in international transport industry

An annual conference organized by JUREX (a member of the European Law Firm Alliance in Lithuania) covered business disputes in the transport sector. Transport companies often face difficulties due to employees’ and business partners&#...


Improvements and challenges within the arbitral institution

On 3 July, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, held a  discussion on “Current Challenges and Improvements in the Functioning of Arbitration Institutions”, which assessed th...


The road to the Netherlands

The Netherlands for a long time has been a reliable Latvia’s partner in economy, culture and education. Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry partnered with European Law firm members KLOTINI SERGIS and Holla Advocaten (Netherlands) in org...


European Law Firm first general meeting of 2019 in Milan

The first European Law Firm general meeting of this year was hosted by SCF Studio Legale in January and took place in the cultural and fashion-infused city of Milan. This time the founding partner Varis Klot...