The road to the Netherlands

The Netherlands for a long time has been a reliable Latvia’s partner in economy, culture and education. Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry partnered with European Law firm members KLOTINI SERGIS and Holla Advocaten (Netherlands) in organizing one day seminar about bilateral and economic relations between the Netherlands and Latvia.

Ivo Klotins from KLOTIŅI SERĢIS together with colleagues Jaimy Vanenburg and Dirk de Jong from Holla Advocaten presented such topics as the distinctive features of Dutch law, contract terms and Dutch contract law, the regulation of labor law, and the nuances of the Dutch business environment and recommendations for successful cooperation.



European Law Firm first general meeting of 2019 in Milan

The first European Law Firm general meeting of this year was hosted by SCF Studio Legale in January and took place in the cultural and fashion-infused city of Milan. This time the founding partner Varis Klot...


Business opportunities in the Baltics presented in the Netherlands by the ELF members

Ivo Klotins, Managing Partner at KLOTINI SERGIS, and Ferry Weelen, Partner at the Dutch firm Holla advocaten, joined forces as members of the European Law Firm and on ...


Lattelecom Riga marathon awarded with Gold Label Road Race by IIAF

KLOTINI SERGIS has been providing legal assistance for Lattelecom Riga marathon organizers for several years now, so we are glad to announce that it is going to carry the Gold Label Road Race quality sign. The International Association of Athletic...


Managing partner Ivo Klotins participates in the Riga TV24 program “Latvijas labums”

On November 10, the managing partner Ivo Klotins, a member of the council and an arbitrator of the Arbitration Court of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), visited Riga TV24 program “Latvijas labums” as one of the experts and join...


Presentation of managing partner Ivo Klotins on arbitration courts in monthly editorial board of the magazine “Kapitāls”

At the monthly editorial board of the magazine “Kapitāls” on November 5, a member of the council and an arbitrator of the Arbitration Court of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  , KLOTINI SERGIS managing partner Ivo Klotins gave the p...


KLOTINI SERGIS welcomes the European Law Firm colleagues in Riga for the general meeting

On 26-28 September the members of European Law Firm gathered in Riga for the third general meeting of 2018 hosted by KLOTINI SERGIS . The various events of the general meeting brought together not only our colleagues fro...