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The wind of change is blowing through our time – the time with opportunities, challenges and, yes, maybe also the time with hardships. While searching for our success stories we can easily neglect tenets which along other priorities might seem immaterial or passé. Nonetheless we even now and still believe that the best things in life are not things and we are proud that respecting signs of time and changes brought we have managed to retain them.

Independence. Trust. Honesty. Confidentiality.

Independence. Trust. Honesty. Confidentiality. These are our values, our principles and our qualities. Values, principles and qualities which can be maintained only in-between the client and attorney. We offer you such personal attitude to protect your interests with responsibility and due professional care.


Almost 20 years of experience in client service, lore of jurisprudence already from 1970’s and in-depth specialization provide the clients with necessary legal solutions irrespective of their kind and intricacy. Attorneys of our law office regularly expand their knowlege studying case law, reading legal literature, attending specialized conferences and exchanging their experience in ad hoc attorney consultations. Wide perspective of our attorneys helps the clients in complicated and contentious issues applying law in court and also out-of-court cases.

A network of law firms, providing cross-border legal advice

European Law Firm is a network of independent commercially orientated law firms offering clear, cross-border legal expertise in Europe and beyond.

Over 800 locally qualified lawyers with international connections advise on Banking, Commercial Litigation & Arbitration, Company, Construction, Corporate Finance & M&A, Debt Collection, Employment, EU & Competition, Family & Private Business, Insolvency & Turnaround, Maritime & International trade, Real Estate, Sports, Tax & Trusts and IP, Technology & Media issues.

Contact any of the law firms directly or the network’s central office for advice or more information.

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